Our History

The Past

In 1946, the construction industry was very different from what it is today. There was some heavy equipment available, but much of the hard work was done by labourers using picks, shovels and wheelbarrows to get the job done. The work was hard, often dangerous and for the most part unregulated by unions and government safety regulations. These were the conditions that existed when Atlas began with a handful of men and the will to succeed.

During this time, directly after the second world war, Atlas began to win some projects and position itself for the post war construction boom that swept North America in the fifties. By then, Atlas had gained experience and a growing reputation for integrity and reliability.


The Present

Today our experience spans several building segments including: commercial, industrial, institutional and heritage buildings, as well as residential projects. But our old-school values and exceptionally high standards of excellence remain the foundation of our organization.

Five decades after we began, these same principles are ingrained in our corporate culture. We are proud of our name and our reputation as a leader in the construction sector.

Although technology plays a huge role in construction today, every one of our jobs begins the way it always has, with a handshake and promise. And we keep our promises.